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Tour Xenotes Oasis Maya

Embrace nature and star in a unique adventure at majestic cenotes; feel the mysetry of the rain forest: live the legacy of the past.

Tour Xenotes is a magnificent tour that goes to four different kinds of cenote in one day. Penetrate the legends and mystery of the rainforest, go kayaking, rappelling, snorkeling and fly through the air on zip lines for an unforgettable experience.

Tour Xenotes by the numbers:

Opening Date: July 2013

Number of Cenotes Included in Tour: 4, each of a different kind

Length of Stay at Each Cenote: approximately 1 hour

Direct Employees: 55

Indirect Employees: 220

Investment: $35,000,000.00 (MXN) Mexican pesos


Fact: This is the only tour from Cancún and the Mayan Riviera to include four different kinds of cenotes in one unique experience. It introduces the visitor to the mythical natural places so important to Mayan culture and explains their significance.

Activities: Adventure circuit to four different kinds of cenote with pertinent activities at each one.

History: Tour Xenotes Oasis Maya is a tour in which visitors have a chance to see four different kinds of cenote: an old one, a semi-open one, an open one and a cave-like one. At each one there is a different activity: zip lines, rappelling, kayaking and snorkeling.

The fare includes round-trip transportation, fruit and non-alcoholic drinks for snacking at the end of the visit to the first cenote, and our Glam Picnic at the end of the whole tour. Two towels and snorkeling equipment are provided.

Besides extreme sports or a day with nature, the Tour Xenotes Oasis Maya offers moments of true camaraderie, with personalized attention to groups of 19 adventurers, who will be guided by experts who know this virgin terrain well and who will be instructed in the activities as well as the anecdotes and legends of the region.